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Promoting Curiosity...Creating enquiring minds...
We are the makers of SAGTTARIUS MOVIES
Movies that Entertain, Educate and Enlighten

A nation is nothing but a reflection of all the collective attitude, culture and will of its people. Individual preferences like language, religion and political affiliations are incidental.

The people are the strength and the wealth of the Nation. Each one contributes to the exchequer in parts as small or big, according to his defined capacity and in return gets the benefit of the huge infra structure and facilities the nation creates as an entity.

Our endeavour is to create a more educated, aware, scientific minded, tech savvy society.
We believe in catching the young minds and indulging them to go that way.
We believe that we can contribute to this great cause with our products and services.

How better than an entertaining movie with subjects and visuals that can hold their attention and promote curiosity.
Educative and entertaining DVDs with well researched content and beautiful visuals coupled with good music, which can be repeatedly played back on all our TVs using simple DVD players, will go a long way in this endeavour.

We hope to do that. Thus our DVDs.

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